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I am emerging from Round One of Exams (there are two this year) and so I should be posting...somewhat more often! If there is something you have wanted me to do for ages you should ask now since I have a lull of a few weeks before Round Two.

I'm obviously giving off 'bite me' vibes or something, because mosquitoes have expressed extreme interest in me. And my, ah, sanguinary bits. They are everywhere and I live in a major city for heavens' sake.

I am in the grip of Star Wars mania. This is because of Karen Miller and Jude Watson, and I have to take a moment to babble about Miller, because OMG, she nailed Obi-Wan absolutely perfectly. After having finished reading Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth (at about one or two in the morning) I felt like jumping up and down because yes yes yes that is exactly his characterization. Episode II leaned heavily on the mentor-student thing (not that Anakin didn't deserve it) but in the book there's humour and obvious camaraderie and definite friendship. Even when they don't really understand what the other's talking about they're still friends and support each other and omg omg. This almost tempts me to slash Anakin/Obi-Wan, except I don't think Anakin can handle anything serious. See: Padmé. (Rewatching Episode I, I can see why Obi-Wan/Qui Gon is a popular ship [anguish!] but meh.) But yes, Clone Wars books, I have high hopes. Even if that book ended on a cliffhanger. *flails wildly*

Anakin, sometimes you're adorable and sometimes I want to kick you out of your unceasing introspective babble. (Says the person who keeps journals.)

In interesting things: today four girls cosplaying got on the bus. There's a fest running in town this weekend for anime/manga, which is why they were out. One of the girls actually had quite an elaborate costume; all four wore brightly-coloured wigs.

I have been receiving very interesting education via the Hot Billboard 100. There is one youtube user, in particular, who rounds up the top 50 of the week, puts brief clips, usually the choruses, in one video each week. It has been supremely edifying. I now know names of songs and artists and who's actually singing and who that celebrity is. It's almost like looking at a geographical map and seeing things fall into place (so that's why x country invaded via y! Because the river is here and etc etc. Hard to follow history, influenced by geography, if you don't know the geography/political divisions laid out by maps.)

I'll earworm you all tomorrow.

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