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A recollection of the last week.

Hi flist! I am still here. Just not updating often right now. (I am about to enter the busiest part of the year.)

*I HAVE GUNK SH AND I AM SO SCARED AND SO EXCITED. OMG. Approving myself feels really, really strange. Next: work more in web. That's where all the interesting problems are. (And maybe entries SH; I think I can do that.)

*It has snowed the last two days (seriously, it's been a blizzard in the mornings; it looks like confetti being scattered thickly and melts into slush on the roads) and then the sun comes out in the afternoon and melts it just about all away. Except for the north-facing houses; their front lawns are still piled high with snow from months ago.

*I think I saw a coyote today at noon. That's very odd. They usually come out dawn/dusk; it was sniffing something along the wall that divides the residential houses and the street.

*We are recording the choir CD tomorrow! We have, as a collective group, been told not to ingest anything dairy, anything corrosive (like pineapple juice), to sleep well, and to not eat too much.

*Redox, how do I hate thee.

*Suddenly I care about Bolkonsky and poor Nickolai and princess Mary and all those characters. I don't know what happened: something clicked in War and Peace and now I really want to keep going. No time! No time!

*Still writing 750+ words a day, which is an accomplishment. It's half a torrent of thoughts that reel out of my brain, and half a canvas upon which I dump almost-formed arguments. So far, the only objection to it I have is that the "Export to .txt" thing is eminently impractical; line breaks are not preserved and the days all run together. I am pleased with my flamingo, though.

*I love animation for the cuteness. (Case in point: [warning: link goes to a video clip; specifically, the first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic] My Little Pony!) I am currently getting all the clips online. I can't decide favourite characters. Maybe Pinkie Pie or Rarity or Fluttershy or Twilight Sparkle or or or...

*Reading comprehension, and answering the question that was asked, is a valuable skill. (So too, is legibility. In examining the exam papers written by unfortunate souls years earlier, I think whether or not you write legibly will affect sometimes drastically how you're marked. For a teacher marking 150+ papers - I can't blame them for discarding papers that they cannot understand.)

*Reading two books simultaneously on the French Revolution and subsequent events. Thus far, they agree primarily with one thing: that the Marxist class-struggle leading to revolution is incorrect.

*3W4DW is making me slightly uncomfortable. The sudden volume on my reading list is one thing, (and a good thing, I want the comms here to prosper) but I can't help wondering how much is 'let's celebrate DW!' and how much is 'let's try to force people from The Other Platform onto ours'. It's not really bad, but it still leaves that little bitter taste in my mouth.

*I made it to week three yay! That's okay that I lost in the polls; I have no idea how to go about the prompt for week four. Talk about a novel-length concept.

*It's fascinating to see the snow melt away and the stuff underneath it. Under the thick, dead-yellow prairie grass, there's more green than I thought. On the mown lawns I can even see the paths that the voles make. While the jackrabbits hop over the snow, the voles tunnel in the snow just above the ground. When all the snow is gone, you can see the indentations of crisscrossing 'tunnels' that are now exposed - it's as though someone peeled away a layer of the earth to show the tunnels underground.

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May. 27th, 2011 01:37 pm (UTC)
I thought this was the right entry to say Thank you for my review" in :)
May. 27th, 2011 07:56 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! :D
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