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The first entry

     So, I have caved (it's the "you should improve your writing abilities" mentality ) and opened a blog.
     And just like that, writer's block has struck.
     Opening a blog like this is akin to an English teacher telling you to write anything, anything you want, and handing you a piece of lined paper. When you stare at it, nothing comes to mind. It's just too open. There are just too many ideas floating about. However, maybe I should start with an introduction.
     Hmm...on the first entry, isn't it supposed to be an introduction from the writer (if you can apply that to me) to the reader? Unfortunately, this is the [insert adjective] internet, and personal information is, well, *cough* personal. I have no objections to outlining my personality, though. I seem to be interested as an ameteur in subjects most people view as dry and boring (sixteenth-century English politics, anyone? No takers? Really?) and (for good or for ill) don't see the point in fashion. An Oscar Wilde quote comes to mind, actually: "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable we have to alter it every six months." As a bookworm, I was always getting in trouble for reading in class, while the teacher was teaching (think of under-the-desk-texting, and that was always; just subsitute a book). I've never liked getting up in the morning--always envied those that woke up in an irrepressible good mood each morning--and stayed up far in the night, often reading.
     That's some of me--no doubt the discerning reader can tell more from my writing style itself. I'm afraid that the blog will be written for me, for my own fun--for me, writing is a selfish pleasure. I am also afraid the entries will be rather haphazardly arranged. I think you can tell already.
     So hello there to anyone who's also staring at their computer screens *waving*. Hope you enjoy.



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