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dear yuletide writer

Hello yuletide writer! I'm so thrilled that there are other fans for these small fandoms. I apologize for the brevity; I don't have access to a computer and writing/editing is kinda fiddly on a phone.

In general I like action/adventure stories, casefic, continued adventures of so and so, missing scenes, stories that expand the worldbuilding. I love alternate history and history in general, fantasy and magical systems. Love longfic, will not freak out at big word counts. I'm not a fan of grimdark and depressing stories - not to say that you can't have serious issues, but I don't enjoy stores that conflate constant violence and despair with reality it versimilitude. I'm also not a fan of lectures. You can also follow my yuletide tag back to see past letters.

That said, I've really found I enjoy a really eclectic range of stuff (more than what I write or rec on AO3 or my journal), so please write something that comes to you, if my prompts and ideas and preferences don't work out!


Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones
I love these books and read them a lot, especially when I'm in got a nice lighthearted read. Lots of characters nominated, so I have a lot to say: I love the shenanigans Conrad and Christopher get up to at Stallery and would love to see more of them. Young kid Christopher and his frankly reckless adventuring in the place between is also a favorite. I'd love to see more with him facing off with the Dright, maybe later on as Chrestomanci. Or Tacroy in either of his agent roles, on the good and bad sides; we get a hint of it and his later life but not much else. What about Millie's powers? How are they supplemented by the power of the goddess, and does Millie ever hear from her post life? What's life like in Chrestomanci castle with all the children there now??

Matt Cruse - Kenneth Oppel
Ahhh give me all the stories about the Aurora and the steampunk world! I'd love to see Kate tramping through the jungle discovering new life, or Matt as a captain, or just pre-Airborn, as a cabin boy. Or their adventures later! I love the little alternate universe tweaks that are in the book and would love to see more worldbuilding.

Shades of Grey - Jasper Fforde
Another one I love the worldbuilding on. There are only hints as to what happened, the true intentions and nature if authority (except that they're pettily ridiculous and yet ironfisted enough to be really scary). Would love to see way more of what Jane knows, what she's planning. What's life like as a grey? Or I guess now her very light green. She's tangled with the people in the village before and I, for one, would love to see her clash with say Violet deMauve. Did someone tell her about reboot or going outside at night, how did she start to find out? Where else has she been using the roads, traveling by night? What's her and Eddie's next steps? I can't believe Fforde left us on that note and wish he'd hurry up and write the next one!

Thanks for writing for me! Happy yuletide!




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