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Actually, how about no?

I read the editorial page today, and came across this lovely...thing.

"Most people do not think there are similarities between Communist Russia and Canada, but the legislation recently proposed by the Liberal party, to give tax cuts to Albertans who vote, is just one step closer to that very thing. This tax cut is a ridiculous idea and it is bribery. The whole point of democracy is the ability to freely vote. People who don't already take advantage of this opportunity shouldn't be paid to do so. During the Soviet Union's reign, bribes were given to people to ensure a high voter turnout. During elections, all sorts of efforts were made to ensure that people would vote, and those who voted were treated to free buffet lunches and the like. While a $50 tax cut is not a free lunch, it is not that much different, either. In fact, it is frighteningly similar."
 -Nicole Holway

This smacks of the ridiculous. Here comes the lists!

1. I would like to point out, before we get into all this, that "Communist Russia" sounds odd to me--possibly because the USSR didn't just include Russia. In fact, all those little countries around it--satellites--were quite as much a part of that union as Russia proper was. Just saying, since you seem to be hitting the reader with a lot of historical blargy.

2. No, I don't have all the facts, but judging by your editorial, this means that the Liberals will give $50 off your taxes if you vote. Right?
   2a) Thus, since Alberta is a (*thinks*) about a four party province (NDP, Liberal, Conservatives, and possibly the Wildrose Alliance).
       i) And so, that means that the average voter has four well known parties, plus a whole thwack of other random people running. A tax cut to vote is not going to automatically make you vote Liberal.

3. Stalin (I'm expecting this is the time period you speak of) and his government wanted people to vote because there was only one party. And they needed that show of popularity, since, y'know, you haven't a shred of a justification about a democratic state if you are both unpopular and have a one-party 'democracy'. This is Alberta. There are many, many parties to vote for.

4. I agree--this tax cut is very stupid, and I really don't know why people don't vote. However, while this cut may guilt-trip some into voting Liberal, I don't think this is quite 'bribery' as you claim.

5. You say: "People who don't already take advantage of this opportunity shouldn't be paid to do so." I'm going to assume you meant: "People who don't vote" as what you meant by 'opportunity' (I don't see any other way, but I could be wrong here). But you see, you only get this supposed tax cut if you vote. Which just rendered your objections null. They aren't going to get a cut if they don't vote.

6. Please go back to a non-propaganda history book, open it, and read about the USSR. Please write things about other countries when you actually understand their history. Thank you for your time, and thanks for providing me my daily dose of "OMG WHAT?" for the day.

With all due respect,


I think I'll get around to discussing the bill about bilingual Supreme Court justices tomorrow. But it's kind of iffy...I get the feeling it might be a longer post, as far as time to write goes.



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