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dear yuletide writer!


It's that time of year again! I love yuletide and the prospect of reading and talking about my small fandoms :D

I'd like to just say first that this letter is very long and I have lots of likes and dislikes written in it, but I'm easy to please and I will almost certainly love the fic you write for me. I really love all three of the fandoms I'm requesting, and honestly just any fic being written about them will make me very happy.

General likes and dislikes:
  • I like magic and space and fantasy and historical fiction. Some form of those four comprise the majority of what I read.

  • I like adventure/action and quests. You know how in portal fantasy, the protagonists are always going on quests? Or missions? Yeah! I love that.

  • I like fics that extend the canon (prequels, sequels, missing scenes), I love canon AU divergences and what-if AUs.

  • Did I mention magic? I love magic. If there are magical/fantastic elements in the canon, I will love you forever if you write about the magic! I really do love magic.

  • I love worldbuilding! The setting in many of these books are really cool and I'd love to know more about it! Historical context, filling in people (adding OCs to flesh out the world is totally fine), talking about places mentioned but not seen, customs and culture worldbuilding, all good.

  • If you want to write long fic, I love long form. This is not an obligation--I've gotten almost exactly 1000-word fics and they're stories I still love and go back to even today. But if you find your story wants to go long, go for it. I'd be thrilled to get that!

  • In romantic tropes, I love everything about and springing from arranged marriage tropes. Rivals to lovers, slap slap kiss, I hate you but also lust for you, etc etc. I eat it all up with a spoon.

  • Grimdark stories--stuff that is angsty and grim to be grim. I'm totally fine with violence, fighting, etc; I don't mean everything needs to be eternally happy! But I just don't like novels and stories that seem to believe darker = more real. I also do not like maiming or terminal illnesses.

  • I prefer past tense and first or third person POV. Other styles often break my immersion and it's harder to enjoy stories, but I've definitely read really good novels in other formats. I mean, Shopaholic is first-person present-tense, so fic for that fandom in that tense is fine.

  • Magic disappearing forever endings, fic that changes the setting, no superpowers AU--I really liked the settings and the magical and fantastical elements! Please don't take those away.

I want to stress again that I have just given you a big pile of things I like and things I don't (and there is even more to follow!) but I am fairly flexible. I don't have any triggers and nothing will ruin my Christmas/holidays/yuletide. So go ahead and write the fic you want if my requests don't work for you!

Finally, my AO3 name is ivy. Feel free to poke round, but I do read very eclectically and you don't have to write something similar to what I've written (AT ALL, what I read and what I write are different things!)

Fandom specific prompts and thoughts:

[Airborn - Kenneth Oppel]
Airborn - Kenneth Oppel
Characters: Any - Kate de Vries, Matt Cruse, Baz Hilcock, or Captain Walken.

I love these books because Kate and Matt are adorable but also because I love the Aurora. From the descriptions it sounds like a huge, fancy floating hotel, or a cruise ship - the Titanic of the skies, maybe; they have a cinema, workout rooms, lounges, kitchens, smoking rooms, luxurious state rooms. Hidden in the crew-only areas is a fascinating other world, with the huge air cells made of goldbeater's skin, the rigging and catwalks that surround the ship, the bridge, the bays. And it's staffed by, what, seventy, eighty crewmembers? It's a world all by itself up in the air.

For Baz, it's clear that he and Matt are close; they've served on the ship since Matt joined. I'd love to see them during a day on the Aurora. Even the most routine days seem so cool, especially since we can see just a glimpse of the Aurora. Same with Captain Walken. He worked his way up from a cabin boy. The time period seems to be late Victorian or so; what was it like flying airships thirty, forty years ago? I'd also love to see fic about the crash landing in the Pacific, with Kate and Matt, or Captain Walken and Baz who are tending the ship--there's the confrontation with the pirates, after all, when Kate and Matt are stumbling through the jungle after their sleepover at the pirate base.

For Kate: one of her big drivers is her curiosity about (just about) everything, but most especially biology. She clearly has read a lot about the subject and is most definitely interested in becoming an explorer. I love her enthusiasm and gung-ho attitude. In the following book, she discovers aerozoans which terrified and fascinated me (the electricity! there are those things floating in the sky? AAaA!) I'd love to see what she does with those, or other organisms she discovers--Matt makes the admiring comment that she just thinks differently: maybe a creature the size of a whale sailing the skies, feeding on tiny plankton-esque air organisms, just undiscovered! A scientific treatise on Creatures of the Air, I could totally see her writing, whether for her thesis as she studies or just for kicks. (If you want to do the science angle, I'd love to see your take on the lighter-than-hydrogen hydrium. Maybe in that world hydrogen has two protons, or IDK maybe hydrogen is always deuterium, or something totally different. Or you can also handwave all this too, I don't mind.)

[Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey]
Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey
Characters: Moirin mac Fainche

Moirin! ♥

Moirin is my favourite character in these books (and is one of my favourite, period). I know she doesn't have the same training like Phèdre or the backstory like Imriel, but I read her books first and fell in love. I love how much she cares. She really does epitomize Elua's precept.

PROMPTS: EVERYTHING ABOUT MOIRIN. Under things I'd love to see, non-exhaustive list:
  • Things set in Terre d'Ange! Her interacting with the royal court, eg Thierry and Balthazar, whether as the slightly naive young woman or after she returns from Asia or the New World. Thierry has inherited the crown, after all--how's that going? Talking to the Shahrizai family, since she did take off for Terra Nova on their dime. The Shahrizai haven't lost their touch at all (though I see that they are still not the ruling house of Kusheth. Balthazar being close to Thierry might change this.) Interacting with Phanuel, who is a sweetheart if I've ever seen one. Working with or along the Orders, or visiting the Night Court! IDK, travelling round Terre d'Ange, I'd be thrilled to see: I love Terre d'Ange! What's it like in Normandy, Languedoc, etc? Are there still tensions on the Skaldi border?

  • Things set in Alba, whether before she leaves or after she comes back. I'd love to see more exploring how Alba has developed, more about Fainche and Oengus and Mabon and well, just the Maghuin Dhonn. How does Moirin deal with the whole two-country thing? Does she travel between Terre d'Ange and Alba regularly? Does Moirin find it easy to settle in a place for more than like three months at a time? Inductions of new members? The gift of taking away memories was passed to her, so I suppose she must be there at the initiations. Tell me more about how the Maghuin Dhonn live!

  • Moirin during her travels: on the run in Ch'in, on the plains with the Tartars, imprisoned in Russia somewhere, travelling in Terra Nova whether in the jungle or in the Raphael's mad court. Missing scenes, Moirin interacting with the many friends she makes, worldbuilding about the places she travels through!

Other things I'd love to see: integrating Kushiel's Legacy with history. I've had interesting discussions with people over when they're set. To me they seem pretty medieval (eg the payment of wergeld, the Frisians seem to control the Baltic instead of Hansa when Imriel chases Berlik) but I fully admit I am a medievalist so there are some biases; other people think it's more Renaissance. Anyway, regardless, it's obviously not a straight analogue of our world (see what's going on in Khebbel-im-Akkad compared to what's going on in Terre d'Ange). If you also like history, I'd love to see historic events link in with the world of Kushiel's Legacy!

[Really really really really optional paragraphs]One note: if you have been matched to me because you offered a whole slew of characters, I'd also be very happy to see fic about other characters. There are lots of characters I wanted to request but couldn't figure out how to with the AND matching (aaaghh there are three different periods of time plus four continents involved!) THIS PARAGRAPH IS ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. I mean, more optional than this entire letter is. It's just--there are seventeen characters nominated and I would be thrilled with fic about a good chunk of them, but the way matching works limits what I can request; I mean, if you matched to me, you offered at least one more character. So, only if you want to, you can go ahead and not include Moirin and go by the other things I've got in this paragraph. And I will be thrilled. But only if you want to. If you do not, please pretend this whole paragraph did not exist. If you write me fic about Moirin I will legitimately be over the moon. She is seriously one of my favourite characters.

I'd love to see stuff about Berlik and Morwen and the days when the Maghuin Dhonn were shapeshifters, I ship Mavros/Amarante and would love to see them together (or plotting), I would love a fic where Dorelei lives (I wonder how that'd fall out? Maybe she and Imriel can divorce), where Jehanne lives but maybe Daniel doesn't and she has to run the country while Moirin goes to rescue Thierry (oh god, can you imagine), backstory about Fainche (why's she a hermit, what's the Maghuin Dhonn like in her day, since Moirin kinda takes off by the age of sixteen or so).

Finally, a list of what I ship, because I didn't think I could handle "any" but would love to see the other characters in not only the tagset but the books show up! (Note: like before, appearances of other characters is optional. You didn't sign up to write them, do not feel obligated to include them. I'm just including them here for your reference.) I multiship pretty hard and would be happy to see any of these ships.

[my Kushiel's Legacy ships]
Moirin is a bit of a bicycle ship, tbh:
Moirin/Bao (endgame ship) - they went on a truly epic journey together!
Moirin/Jehanne - omg have you seen Jehanne
Moirin/Alexei - aww he's so sweet (and she can corrupt him)
Raphael/Jehanne/Daniel - I am rooting for them to sort things out and get Raphael some therapy, good grief
From Imriel's trilogy: Amarante/Mavros, Amarante/Mavros/Sidonie, Sidonie/Amarante

From Phèdre's trilogy: Phèdre/Joscelin, Phèdre/Nicola, Phèdre/Melisande

[Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella]
Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella
Characters: Becky Bloomwood, Luke Brandon

My guilty secret is this book series. I love Becky and Luke so much I can't even tell you. Oh my god the two of them.

I love Becky and her attitude of can-do about everything. She has the guts to try pulling off pretty much anything, even if she's not totally sure on the execution, and watching her try to do it (and flail) is endearing and kind of adorable. And despite her fuzziness on finance and her terrible self-control, she's actually very savvy about campaigning, media and publicity matters--see her rallying Scully against Arcodas. She's also so upbeat and pretty funny.

And as for Luke--I have the worst crush on him. He is just absurdly competent. Well, except for the breakdown via Elinor in Ties the Knot. Anyway. It's also why I admire Elinor. The two of them seriously have some indomitable, ultra-capable personalities.

OK OK, specific prompts. I'd love to see fic about Luke and Becky and something from their lives in Manhattan. How did they meet Danny anyway? Does Luke ever take a break off work and actually walk around in the city a bit with Becky? They went on a ten-month honeymoon that was written about only at the very end. There's a big confrontation with Elinor & Luke coming, after the buildup in Mini-Shopaholic, and I'd bet anything that Becky's going to have to deal with the fallout--I'd love to see stuff about that!

I am actually not quite sure how I picked up these books. I don't like shopping and I have honestly learned most of what I know about fashion brands from these novels. So feel free to incorporate what you like! (I do know about finance though. Please don't feel obligated to add in finance!)

I have read all the books except for the newest, which apparently has a 300-person waitlist at the library and which I haven't gotten my hands on yet. My favourite period, if these books can even be partitioned, is probably from about Confessions of a Shopaholic to about Shopaholic Ties the Knot which is why there's Michael Ellis nominated. The adversarial Becky/Luke interactions in the first book were seriously the best and if you write more of it I'd be incredibly delighted. But I love the later novels as well. Feel free to add in any additional supporting characters, or OCs if you need! I'd be thrilled to see other characters appear--Jess or Suze or Michael or Bonnie or Becky's parents or Tarquin or whoever.

The only thing I do not love is the movie. Please book-canon only, thank you!

I look forward to seeing your fic! Happy writing!



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