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genfic swap writer!

Hi writer!


As you can probably tell I'm kind of excited for this exchange.

My apologies for anyone who was looking at this letter to pinchhit and saw a half-complete letter. I've finally finished it.

I like:
  • I love world building. Feel free to include things like historical details, magic extensions, people from different places/societies described in the novels, etc. I love all these sorts of extensions. And I don't mind original characters--I think they really can make the story open up.
  • What-if, fork-in-the-road AUs. Something else happened and canon events didn't turn out the same way? Or re-met again somehow? Very cool.
  • History!
  • Magic! Whimsy, rule of cool, regulated system, known by everyone, only practiced by certain people, I love it all.
  • I love long stories, so if you like writing long stories I will eat yours up. I've had amazing 1K gifts but 70K is an enticement not an onerous obligation, when reveals come!
I don't like:
  • Grimdark stories--stuff that is angsty and grim to be grim. I'm totally fine with violence, fighting, etc; I don't mean everything needs to be eternally happy! But I just don't like novels and stories that seem to believe darker = more real.
  • I prefer past tense and first or third person POV. Other styles often break my immersion and it's harder to enjoy stories, but I've definitely read really good novels in other formats.
  • Magic disappearing forever endings. Sorry, most loathed trope in fantasy bar none.

Finally, in the end, it's your story. If you find that my requirements don't quite work for you, then I'd rather have the story you feel you want to write than one that slavishly adheres to my (very long) lists!

Specific fandoms:

[The Seventh Tower - Garth Nix]
The Seventh Tower - Garth Nix
Great Uncle Ebbitt
Tal Graile-Rerem

The thing that has fascinated me for so long about these books is the light magic. Tal is young and hasn't been trained much--and what's been taught him has been significantly watered down, too--but there are incredibly tantalizing suggestions stashed around the books. Tal manages to make solid light to step on for stairs, Ebbitt can make his solid and impermeable to steam and heat, they can reach in and give you nightmares, all kinds of interesting ways.

[Airborn - Kenneth Oppel]
Airborn - Kenneth Oppel
Matt Cruse
Kate deVries

The two characters I requested you can fulfill separately--I forgot it was OR matching. I'd love to see just Kate doing her thing or Matt doing his, since their worlds don't intersect all the time.

I love these books because Kate and Matt are adorable but also because I love the Aurora. From the descriptions it sounds like a huge, fancy floating hotel, or a cruise ship; they have a cinema, workout rooms, lounges, kitchens. Hidden in the crew-only areas is a fascinating other world, with the huge air cells made of goldbeater's skin, the rigging and catwalks that surround the ship, the bridge, the bays. And it's staffed by, what, seventy, eighty crewmembers? It's a world all by itself up in the air. I'd love to see a story about the Aurora's journeys or Matt's day on the ship, with Baz and Captain Walken.

For Kate: one of her big drivers is her curiosity about (just about) everything, but most especially biology. She clearly has read a lot about the subject and is most definitely interested in becoming an explorer. I love her enthusiasm and gung-ho attitude. In the following book, she also discovers aerozoans which terrified and fascinated me (the electricity!) I'd love to see what she does with those, or other organisms she discovers--Matt makes the admiring comment that she thinks differently: maybe a creature the size of a whale sailing the skies, feeding on tiny plankton-esque air-organisms, just undiscovered! A scientific treatise on Creatures of the Air, I could totally see her writing. (If you want to do the science angle, I'd love to see your take on the lighter-than-hydrogen hydrium. Or you can also handwave all this too, I don't mind.)

[The Princes Trilogy - Elizabeth Hoyt] The Princes Trilogy - Elizabeth Hoyt
Simon Iddesleigh
Harry Pye
Edward de Raaf

These books! I love the romances so much (I cannot begin to say how much I love all the pairings, Anna and Edward and Simon and Lucy and Georgina and Harry ahh) but I have this yearning for fic about the three male leads, because of the Agricultural Society. The cool thing about Hoyt's book structuring--outside of the fairy tales told each chapter--is that throughout the books we get to see de Raaf, Pye, and Iddesleigh at their coffeeshop. Or out duelling, in the case of the last book. But I really loved the little scenes when they're sitting in a meeting, de Raaf is trying to get a coffee, the camaraderie that exists between them (like Iddesleigh ribbing de Raaf about wanting roses so much he woke him at six, when he finds out about Anna). I'd love to see more of their friendship!

Alternately, I'd love to see more about their lives when they're not with their spouses. Iddesleigh with Pocket nearly killed me with cuteness. If you want to go this angle, feel free to only include one or two of them, not all three at once, if your story requires it!

[The Ragwitch - Garth Nix]
The Ragwitch - Garth Nix
Paul (The Ragwitch)
Quigin (The Ragwitch)

The magic in this book is Fire, Air, Magic, and Water but despite the rather used tropes, I really love this book. It's written in a very cheerful, whimsical way, especially Paul's section. (Julie's section is a lot darker, admittedly.) But I really liked Paul and Quigin's friendship and I'd love see a scene missing from the books when they're haring about the place (sorry) finding Elementals.

I'd also love to hear more about Quigin's abilities as Friend of Beasts. We know he talks to them--and they understand--and he understands, but I wonder how that happens? What does an apprentice Friend of Beasts do? Muck out stables? What does he do now that Cagael is gone (or alternatively, what was life in the kingdom before the Ragwitch re-appeared)?

[Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey]
Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey
Berlik (Kushiel's Legacy)
Morwen (Kushiel's Legacy)

Ahhh, Morwen and Berlik. I entered the series via Moirin's trilogy and have remained excessively curious about the Maghuin Dhonn and their society and culture. And I mean like everything--how do they live? There's hints that Fainche in her cave hermitage is unusual. When do they interact with others? (People like Drustan have to deal with them, which implies there is some contact.) What happens if you go through the door, don't see the Maghuin Dhonn, and have the memory taken from you--are you sent out? Surely living among your people would remind you, even if the memory was swallowed... And what is their magic like, before Berlik and Morwen break their word? All the societies in the Kushiel series have their own mythologies and legends, and one of the Maghuin Dhonn's is that they were the first on Alba, the closest to the land. (And there are counter-stories from their neighbours.) I'd also love to see personal stories about Berlik and Morwen--I don't mean to imply that you should write an epic




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