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Eurovision 2014!

Ukraine: clever with girl laying down the post-it's
man in hamster cage??

Belarus: snazzy! what's with the enunciation?? I think it is English but I can't understand what he's saying.

Azerbaijan: song = zzz, acrobat okay I suppose

Iceland: colourful suits, whatttt, colour coordinated polish

Norway: sad song

Romania: miracle, meh

Armenia: not alone, not alone, not alone, bass drop, but annoying voice

Montenegro: aww he is sad, but skater!!

Poland: IDGI, but I want a skirt line like that

Greece: nice beat, lyrics what but rise up, somersaulting

Austria: quite good, phoenix and pyrotechnics

Germany: right or wrong, PINK, accordian + double bass

Sweden: quite good, great lights, simple staging but pretty good singing

France: WhAT moustache, dancing moustaches, straight yellow skinny tie

Russia: rising sun, twins, float on clouds

Italy: silver/gold/white colour scheme! YEAH!

Slovenia: shoulder pads and blue dress, flute!

Finland: rock? not Eurovision-like really, okay

Spain: dancing in rain, cool light, not fan of singing. Didn't they have a ballad a few years ago? Also was not a fan.

Switzerland: did not expect that, banjo and whistling--was expecting another slow one

Hungary: running running running, meh

Malta: dulcimer one, folksy

Denmark: cliche one, Bruno Mars? Meta is always fun

Netherlands: calm after storm, duo, meh

San Marino: seashell!

UK: ok, but seriously the lyrics???

THEN THE HOSTS SING ABOUT TWELVEEE WHAT WHAT WHAT (also oh poor dear---"he's from South Korea" - "oh" - "oh".) Is this kindergarten?! I was totally charmed by the hosts though--especially Asbæk--and actually enjoyed the interludes with them, although I still winced when they talked to the singers. Argh. I liked their Eurovision museum too.

As for the scoring: my favourites never win! That's okay though, I love watching them. I don't have strong feelings on Conchita's win; the song was okay and the singing was okay, but otherwise not very memorable to me. Wait, I take back the strong-feelings part. Her speech after winning? ON POINT. Holy cow. Well said.

I think Sweden >> Netherlands. France deserved WAY more than 2 points, what? I also liked Denmark, Belarus, Greece, basically anyone who had an upbeat fun song. I don't like slow songs in Eurovision. Slow songs require good singing and good sound systems/recording systems (I'll go back and listen to official music videos and like a lot more, possibly because they are actually recording in a booth and possibly autotune). I don't think Eurovision is really designed for either of those, and I prefer the ones that are just energy and fun.

The STAGE was so cool, though. That was the #1 winner, as far as I was concerned--such a cool set up. The whole thing was like a cube with grids of lights, and the floor and the sides lit up (or were projected onto?) And it made it so flexible. Like when the roller-blader skated around, little white shapes followed in her wake, and Austria's entry had the song's phoenix wings of flames appear in lights, and Sweden had beams of light radiating out in like a jewel-shape, and dancing mustaches were all over the place for France, and on and on. I really liked that stage. Props to the lighting team and people designing the displays, seriously.

Other really cool thing--how they introduced the countries! The flags I mean. How every country had their own little segment. Ukraine putting down post-its! Assembling the dominoes (and his expression of temporary despair when a row accidentally falls) for Switzerland! Finland with ice blocks on what looked like an icebreaker ship!! I realized that I am not very good with flags, and that there are way too many tri-colour ones. Also one country who I forget totally cheated with a puzzle of their flag, but it was an adorable scene and a complex flag so I forgive them.

The various countries dialing in to tell the scores: ergh. I enjoyed how they all said [variations] of "hello, [city] calling!" That was charming. But they do this weird pause where the hosts in Copenhagen would say hi and then the person calling in would have a frozen face (deliberately) for a good few seconds, which was creepy. I assume this is for filming purposes of some kind or other and it gets cut to a length where the frozen-expression isn't uncanny, but as it was it was creepy and made me think the connection had frozen. Also, stop with the lonnnnng teasing suspense! Gets old so fast.

This was also the first time I'd ever created/been owner of an IRC channel, and I did not set it private and so someone wandered in and was rude and I learned in a hurry how to kick/ban. First ban, then kick. Thank god mibbit had UI for that; I had another tab open in "all the channel op commands" and was frantically trying to figure out the intricacies.

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May. 12th, 2014 08:04 am (UTC)
The film started late at the cinema... the ticketing computer broke! so we had to wait for it to be sorted, so I got back just in time to see all the crazy walkpasts and NOT THE SINGINGS.... So I missed it all really. Sad. But he really is rather fun with the dressing up, and I did like the song... it was a SONG not a bloody circus or rolleskating or ... geeez. They'll have to call it the Eurovision Circus show next year. Lots of Pretty lights and noise and idiocy,

My film was like a remake of Boy meets eyes with married-to-an-older-man young woman - lots of near misses, he goes away ... war intervenes, (lots of supposed OMG he DIES???) the old man dies... widow-woman drags in black through the after war years (in Germany... it was bleak then) Poverty follows the once-rich days.

Figure walks to delapidated front door... aged butler opes... rush of feet on stairs, then pause.... oh shite. a Happy Ever After... no bite in the film at all.. and so artistically Sloooooow.

So altogether not a wildly acceptable evening.. except the Moon and a BIG wish on the Evening Star who winked at me.

Well, there's always Youtube to catch up on the songs!
May. 13th, 2014 01:11 am (UTC)
Aww, that sucks!

Haha, I don't really watch for the singing (I think it's not very good singing usually, or anyway the broadcasting/recording equipment doesn't do a good job of recording, to be more charitable.) The performances and the production and the staging is what I watch for! I go back and watch the youtube vids for the singing. Actually I think this year my favourite is actually France. Especially after I looked up the lyrics and figured out what they were singing (my listening comprehension is atrocious and they sang so fast! But I did like the message.)

Oh no, sorry to hear about the film! Hate it when it drags. Argh. The moon's out, yeah :) Getting full.
May. 12th, 2014 10:14 pm (UTC)
one word


also what the fuck how did hungary's child abuse song get so many points
May. 12th, 2014 11:02 pm (UTC)
My first thought was The Wiggles crossed with Teletubbies which is not a good thought. But they had matching nail polish to go with their clothing?

I don't get it. I didn't like that song at all. Argh.
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