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Minecraft buildings!

In minecraft I moved my home to what I called "mountain retreat" several months ago, and started building around it. I put a railrooad from old home (mixed forest biome) to my current one (extreme hills).

I've completed the exoskeleton and exterior of a castle, two very-similar timber-framed houses, and my glass-house-in-the-sky. And random things in and around, but here's pictures! I really like the extreme hills biome; it makes the landscape interesting to build on, even if I end up doing extensive landscaping--I have to shovel so much dirt and stone out of the way sometimes.

Today I decided to try to update Forge to the newest version (Minecraft updated to 1.7 sometime in Oct/Nov). Like the first time, it's been very trying. I made copies of my save file (thank god) and after some fiddling, managed to at least get the game running. But all my doors were missing, which I immediately noticed because suddenly my house has a gaping hole in its side where I used to have double doors. All the beds are MIA too. But then what happened was I quit the game, reloaded it, and then I got kicked back to my spawn with no armour, no inventory, nothing. I'm pretty sure I slept in the newly-constructed bed to set a new spawn--I don't know why that didn't stick, if I did indeed die somehow. Hmph.

Anyway, I copied in the original worldsave and got all of it back. I've been messing with trying to download different versions of Forge, since they have so many for just 1.7.2, and it's...not really working.

However! I have pictures of my buildings. I take screencaps now and then. There are buildings, zombies in their underwear, baby ocelots posing, zombie apocalypses, and me exhibiting a case of pyromania (sorry) but I just wanted to show you guys the buildings. Click to enlarge.

oblique view of two vaguely Tudor-style houses: white walls, black frame, light wood for roof, set against a mountain in the back and further off, the tops of jungle trees. The moon is rising.
The two timber-framed houses! They are very similar on purpose. I think I'm going to build another one next to it. If you look to the right, there's a beige block--that's a piece of aspen wood which serves as the end-of-line for my railway. I kind of got stuck on how to proceed, so I left the line there. The houses are near the edge between extreme hills and jungle biome, which is why you can see the tops of trees in the background.

screencap of grey-stone castle with two towers of cobblestone and linking walls with stone
This is the castle I built on the opposite hill--the glass framing the picture is actually the walls of my house. I need to put in stained glass windows--we got stained glass in 1.7!--but I haven't figured out where so it remains painfully blank. This castle took me forever, especially making the hidden door mechanism. Redstone makes me so grateful that in the real world we have stuff like copper wires wrapped in plastic.

square house with a checkerboard floor perched on the edge of a cliff, walled in glass, and with a waterfall off to the left. A jungle tree is behind the house.
This is my home! I admit that I may have gone a bit overboard with all the glass, but I like views, and there definitely are some dramatic views off that cliff. The nice thing about Minecraft is you don't worry about gravity except for about 8 different things (which do obey gravity) so you can build these gravity-defying structures.

The waterfall off the side is my elevator. (It's also how I took a picture of the timber-framed houses; I was halfway up.) Technically I have three doors--one is in the back, exiting onto solid land; one is the waterfall; and the third is the little gate in front--I just jump out, fall 50 blocks, and land harmlessly in the lake below.

I am currently building a warehouse in the middle of a hill to store all my stuff. I have way too much stuff, and as you can see, there's no basement in my house :P

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Jun. 25th, 2017 01:18 pm (UTC)
I like it! Looks really nice.
Jul. 8th, 2017 04:52 am (UTC)
Re: Minecraft
Aw, thanks!
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