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winter morning flights

Got on a plane JUST IN TIME this morning; there were some problems with navigation and horrendous snowy/icy road conditions blahblahblah. I got to the airport at 5:45am (boarding: 5:25, departure 6:00). Everyone in the security line was very nice and let me budge them so I actually cut the line (and it's a tiny, tiny terminal, this one: there are eight gates total). I asked the security guard if I could cut and she said "you have to ask everyone in front of you" but people were quite good-natured about it. Thank you.

I boarded just fine (and was not even the last one on!) but I don't want to ever cut it that fine again. We stayed on the tarmac for a good hour waiting for baggage to be loaded, and then for de-icing. By the time we took off it was starting to get light outside. I fell asleep, but I did wake up in the middle and HAD TO TAKE PICTURES even with my phone and here is one I like, which I took while we were flying over the lake:

fluffy clouds with sun rising on the right side, blue sky gradient into white-pink tinted clouds
(It is a large picture, but it is also very grainy. Click for larger size.)

On some of the banked turns the perspective was heavily tilt-shifted and it was the most amazing miniaturizing effect. I wish I'd gotten a picture there. I wish I were a better flier and could do things like airborne photography. I want to yank open the window so I can get a clearer shot--it's such a different thing up there. There was a lot of snow too, so you could see the snow-cleared roads as very precise, black lines winding through white snowfields.

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Jan. 4th, 2014 06:31 pm (UTC)
God, I love the banked turns. The first time I flew, nobody had told me this would happen and I was SO thrilled - sitting there with a silly grin on my face, amazed that nobody else seemed to notice anything impressive happening to the view. I'm still like that!

I love that photo - my last flight was during a sunset (first time) and I wish I'd taken pictures!
Jan. 5th, 2014 06:27 am (UTC)
Well, I like them but my stomach, not so much :P But they are VERY cool for different perspectives :D

Oh, that would have been amazing! I just love how light changes during the day, and the tops of clouds are something unusual, so the combination of the two is really different.
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