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[Major spoilers immediately]


*I'm glad that we got to see her swordfighting though. That was excellent. Also, now we know where the illusion-making comes from. The part where Jane is hyperventilating seemed kind of perfect to me--I mean, you're being stalked by a madman bent on ultimate destruction, you've got destructive powers running through your veins and you're on an alien planet. That seemed like the most likely reaction to me, and obviously Malekith fell for it too. Well played, Frigga. Well played.

*The funeral bit broke my heart.

*It was really gorgeous and so horrible. I liked the image of the ship continuing on, as though it would float forever--and then her soul, I guess, sparkling up into the sky. Or whatever space it is. It was gorgeous and heartbreaking and WHY DID YOU KILL FRIGGA. NO.

*I ship Jane/Darcy now.

*I don't care what anyone says, I still love Darcy and I still love Jane.

*Where does an intern find an intern? Oh my god, Darcy.

*The part with Richard and Jane was totally adorable, especially the part where he slides the napkin under her menu (and the sea bass part).

*SELVIG what are you doing. I do like the continuity--like Tony and his panic attacks in IM3, I like that Selvig doesn't just walk out of the mind-control of Avengers without consequences. He's obviously having some problems coping. And I totally thought he was lecturing to a class--perfect set up there.

*Number of slaps Jane administers: 3. Two for Thor, one for Loki. She was perfect as the human thrust into the world of Asgard--kind of confused and bewildered, but going along with it, and slapping people when necessary.

*I also like how they got so much of Jane's astrophysics incorporated. Her stuff is part of the solution, and I really really liked that they didn't just give her a cool label (The Astrophysicist!) and leave her doing nothing. She gets a part of the battle even though she's not trained, and it was great for humour too, making people swap locations all the time. Effective and something unexpected, because Malekith surely wouldn't have taken Earth's stuff into account at all.

*Also Sif offering Thor comfort! Awww. And her telling him she had everything under control--I wonder how many battles they've been through together?

*I didn't like the prologue very much, but I didn't like the prologue to Thor very much either, and I just don't like prologues ery much in general. Tends to be awkward; I'd rather just be plopped into the middle of the story. Nevertheless I think it gave us a lot of information which made the battle in the end more important; it's still a one-on-one fight, but it has greater depth because we know what Malekith wants.

*THE ILLUSION WITH FRIGGA. I'm not sure if it was Loki's illusion conjured up of her, and him talking to an illusion, or if it's actually her. The friend I watched with said she thought it was actually Frigga, which I'm hoping (after all the movie does mention that he gets the illusion-casting from her) because it breaks my heart that they never really get to talk. Oh my god.

*So now we understand why Loki's hair is like that! I also like how Thor sees through his brother's ruse immediately--he must suspect Loki's torn up about Frigga--and that the illusion immediately vanishes to reveal Loki's furniture smashed and him dressed in a decidedly despairing shirt. Thing.

*One of the core parts of the movie I thought was Loki and Thor's relationship and it was awesome to see them together again. The part where they're walking through the palace (escaping) was the best. I can't believe Loki turned himself into Captain America! (Loki, that's not a very good rendition of Cap. I think you've absorbed the patriotic waffle and not the man himself's personality.) And him turning Thor into Sif and saying something about him looking delectable (while Thor-in-Sif's-illusion continues talking in his normal voice)--omg. And the guard-illusion was a great foreshadowing.

*Also, Loki digging at Thor. HAHAHAHA I'm sorry but I loved the needling; Loki's obviously the irritating little brother because he can be and he's obviously taking great delight in doing so. I do want to know though, why are the ships open-decked? That seems to be an open invitation to be boarded, as Fandral shows.

*Which reminds me! I'm so glad we got to see the Warriors Three (and also was that Volstagg's kids? That was cute).

*The Betrayal. Perfectly played. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. (The chopped off arm was convincing, okay? Auuugh.) I don't think they told Jane--probably so that she would not need to act a part?--and I loved that they used Loki's ambiguity to pull off the trick. I guess it's like a double-double cross. Because Thor thinks Loki is dead (plus that touching scene of his death and even with the hindsight of knowing Loki's not dying, I suspect Loki is telling the truth--saying what he can't say while alive in normal circumstances, that I'm sorry). Again when the soldier/guard told Odin they found a body, I was kind of desperately hoping Loki wasn't dead and also thinking huh, that's exactly the illusion Loki cast last time, when he was walking through the halls with Thor...

*I like how their frustration with each other boils over into that little fight. And how Thor backs off eventually saying, "Mother wouldn't want us to fight" and Loki responding, "Well she wouldn't be surprised". Oh, man.

*The part where Odin tells Thor he is proud of him was amazing. It goes right back to the first Thor movie.

*Actually, interestingly, this time Thor says again that he wants to go challenge Malekith on his own ground whereas Odin wants to stay at the palace to deal with it better and this time Thor's decision seems to be supported; he's gotten better at assessing situations, I suppose.

*Selvig and pants and also just clothing in general--I think I read this on Hello Tailor, who was saying that women usually don't dress at all like they would in real life--you don't see women dressed really casually the way that they would in real life in those situations, like when they're at home. And I love that their clothing does reflect a more casual her; Jane's in plaid and boots while on Earth, not in anything fancy.

*The part with Thor hanging up his hammer, carefully, on the coathooks was hilarious. I love how careful he is and what a change it is from the first movie, where he's smashing cups and such. That is adorable.

*Now I understand why Loki looked so terrible in prison. Thought it was interesting that a guard told him behind his bars (wow) and he waited till the guard was gone before destroying his furniture. Does that mean that they didn't completely squash his magic?

*Is it me or did Thor's clothing never get cut? Someone called him and his hair a princess, and while his face kinda got cut up his hair was perfect and his red cape stayed brilliant red. (That is an amazing cape, by the way. It billows perfectly.)

*I liked the humour that got thrown in too. Like getting on at Charing Cross after one of Jane's displacements and asking how to get to Greenwich, and the woman on the train looking baffled--perfect. Also, telling him it's three stations down. Guys, we have now seen Thor riding the subway.

*The masks of the dark elves were really freaky. I don't like masks generally, but the holes for eyes is scary.

*Malekith's companion did an amazing job. It's sort of like the Jotuns, I guess; smaller role but really effective. I actually liked him more than Malekith himself, though honestly, my greatest interest was in the already-introduced characters and their interactions.

*Asgard looked less cartoony and gold this time around. I think it looked a lot more lived-in, more like it could house a world's population. The scene on the balcony was absolutely gorgeous too. I wonder where they shot that?

*Someone said that they came out still shipping Heimdall/Thor and yeah, I can definitely see it. I really liked the part where he jumped and ran across the bridge to destroy the first ship--holy cow!

*No but really, that bickering between Loki and Thor.

*Also Loki totally protects Jane when Thor tries to destroy the aether things. Do I still ship it? YES I DO.

*So glad that the movie didn't go down the love-triangle route. Currently I now ship: Jane/Darcy, Jane/Loki, and possibly Sif/Loki. What?

*Right, so if that's actually Loki at the end, then where is Odin?

*Odin has a raven land on his arm!

I have SO MANY thoughts but that should cover some of them. AHHHHHHHHHHH---

(PS to anyone watching: there are two scenes at the end. One after the credits for all the actors, and one after the loooong credits. Some people left before the first, but a bunch left before the second. Stay till the very end.)

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Nov. 11th, 2013 02:40 am (UTC)
Wait, what was the second scene?
Nov. 11th, 2013 03:10 am (UTC)
[Just in case]Jane's sitting in her kitchen kind of staring at her breakfast when she hears thunder and Thor arrives (finally) right outside. They kiss. Then it cuts to the abandoned warehouse place where they'd found the curiosities, and one of the monsters from Jotunheim (I think--big, scaly, followed them back to Earth) is seen rampaging across the parking lot, chasing starlings.
Nov. 11th, 2013 09:05 pm (UTC)
I think Loki's magic is limited to inside his cell, or at least that's how I interpreted it.
Nov. 11th, 2013 09:20 pm (UTC)
*nods* That makes sense. The cell-walls seemed pretty strong and he didn't seem to be able to do anything outside them, even if sound travelled quite well through.
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