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Minecraft with pictures

Vacation means time to do stuff I want, like starting Minecraft!

omg this game

If you haven't heard of it, it's a sandbox game that can be played alone or with others. You spawn in a world by yourself and you basically do what you want--some people build huge castles, some people go out hunting and dungeoning, some play PvP, and because there's a strong modding community, there are also adventure maps, which are set-ups where you follow storylines. The rules of physics are altered rather drastically (most blocks, once placed, will not fall if you knock the support away), and everything has a stylized blocky appearance. You can mine and farm and plunder, whatever you really want.

I'm slowly getting a hang of FP games. I've always played third person, especially the kind where you click with the mouse to make the character go somewhere, and every time I tried playing first person games I'd scramble myself. I fell off the catwalk where you spawn in Portal 2 about four times in a row....and the game hadn't even started. (At least it was funny. I enjoyed GLaDOS' commentary.)

I made a cobblestone house by the sea:
minecraft figure standing in front of a blocky stone house with a triangle roof, wearing silver and gold armour

I put some 'bushes' (actually they are leaves from trees) next to my windows so they'd look like windowsill plants. The block of bushes off to the left is where I have a wheat field; it's just a hedge. The reason the entryway protrudes so much is I've set up an airlock--on one of the first nights when I didn't have a bed to sleep in, I had three zombies try to break down my door. I swear they spawn in mobs now--if you see one, there are more coming.

The sea! (This is from the front again.) I spawned on a large island:
view of the sea and sand from the front of the house

From the inside of the house. My front door faces west so I see the sunset every evening through the windowpanes:
figure inside house, windows everywhere overlooking the sea

When I built the house I was in a hurry (the mobs kept attacking me, I kept panicking) and in my rush trees were incorporated in the back. This also led to me knocking out the trees later and not noticing a giant gaping hole in the wall, and just going to sleep. I'm so glad I didn't wake up to a zombie next to me.

But anyway, I didn't stop at first to put in windows, and it became a great big claustrophobic block of stone. I think I went overboard in putting in windows, but I like the view of the sea! Even if it often is full of mobs not burning up in the sun in the mornings >:( A creeper has blown up next to the shoreline three times now. I tell you, I was innocently fishing on the shoreline when I heard the hissss and then blam, half the hill is gone!

And I have several pens for animals. Here is my overflowing multicoloured sheep pen, because it makes me laugh:

view from top of trees of about thirty or forty sheep in all sorts of colours in a pen


I have already died in these following ways: killed by zombies, trying to swim in lava (I fell into running lava D:). So I think I am doing all right! I mean, I haven't killed myself via creeper, spider, cactus, suffocation, drowning, falling from heights, being shot by anybody...

The reason I'm in gold armour is because I'm low on iron and I haven't got anything to do with gold anyhow. And I finally got an enchanting table and in my excitement also enchanted my iron stuff--I have Power I on the bow (hmph), but Efficiency II on my pickaxe, so it goes through stone blocks beautifully, like butter.

I'm still figuring out what to do re: modding, but I do want to put in some--a minimap for sure (I got so lost in the mines, so many times), maybe Mo' Creatures (more animals!), Optifine for better fps and zooming, and definitely a better texture pack. Gold and iron look very similar, wheat doesn't look ripened, etc in the default pack. And I need to figure out how to change my appearance--Steve? has a blue shirt untucked on the left side and what looks like a frown.

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Aug. 20th, 2013 07:38 am (UTC)
The sheep pens look very cute!
Aug. 20th, 2013 02:06 pm (UTC)
I am using them for wool! (They have Lamarkian genetics--when the parents are dyed they pass on the colour.) So much pink wool now :P
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