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Iron Man 3 reaction post

SO I just got back from Iron Man 3, oh my god--

Pepper gets to wear the suit. The movie was made, right there. And she kills Killian! When she did that it suddenly made sense that it'd take someone with the Extremis virus to actually destroy another one. I'm so glad Pepper got to do her own fighting--that was so fun. And now the trailer makes sense!

I'd already been spoiled for the twist about the Mandarin and the arc reactor being removed (though ;_; at the removal--I definitely think it was a really big part of him.)

The pan down of the vice-president's daughter shocked me completely. At first when he said to the security guard 'everything is fine' I thought that the vice-president was afraid his security had been breached, but then that shot--oh wow.

I love all the role reversals, including Rhodey saving the president and having Tony be his backup. Also the aforementioned Pepper wearing the suit. And Pepper yelling 'Tony' as he falls into the water, and then Tony just staring in to the fire that Pepper fell into--symmetry!

The guy that James Badge Dale plays--thank you Wikipedia, it's Eric, he freaks me out. There's something off, something way too square.

Literal dunce cap on Dummy! Awww.

That kid was a perfect foil for Tony. He's like a little Tony himself, talks back just the same. There were so many little comedic touches that really helped balance out all the explosions--there were a lot of explosions. Tony dragging his suit through the snow, the suit sitting all forlorn outside the phone box, Rhodey & Tony banter, the little boy trying to guilt Tony into all sorts of things, Tony trying to summon the suit.

Thought about processing power and algorithms when JARVIS controlled all the suits that Tony'd made at the end--so useful, JARVIS.

Maya died :( I was so hoping she'd make it. I don't really understand her threat? Was she threatening to inject herself and reject it and blow them all up? Didn't catch what she was saying.

I thought that the parts about Pepper & Tony were really well done. Like when she wakes up because Tony's having nightmares, and then freaking out when the autonomous suit bends over her--oh my god, I'd want to get out of the house, not just go downstairs! And the whole "Who's the hot mess now?" exchange, hearts everywhere. I also liked that Tony had PTSD--it's an excellent nod to continuity and the fact that humans don't just up and walk away from catastrophic events fine always.

I notice Tony got bloodier and bloodier every scene we got with him, post destruction of his Malibu house, but then it went away? And Maya only got a couple scrapes across her forehead--they landed pretty hard! At least Pepper has an excuse, she's injected with Extremis.

I was predisposed to like this movie and it definitely didn't disappoint me!

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Jun. 5th, 2013 02:32 am (UTC)
Yay, glad you liked it! :D I loved it as well, I don't get the hate...agreed on pretty much everything, but especially how awesome it was that they showed him with PTSD/had emotional continuity! I wasn't spoiled about those two twists though, wow...
Jun. 5th, 2013 02:46 am (UTC)
Yeah, it was lots of fun! Even with all the explosions and length (I think it had enough stuff to fill those two hours, but man, two hours is pretty long!)

Well it was my fault re: spoilers. It was spoiler cut and everything, I just wanted to know (and wasn't sure if I was going to see it in the theatres, and the dvd won't be out till aaaaages so I clicked). The Mandarin was very convincing though.
Jun. 5th, 2013 03:40 am (UTC)
I love this movie with all the hearts! I like all the other MCU movies to varying degrees, but I'm not fannish about them, and I was not prepared for how much or how strongly I'd feel about this one. I want all the fic for it! When the fic-writing centers of my brain start firing again, I may commit some myself.

Yeah, my understanding of Maya's threat was that the dosage of that injection was one that she'd certainly reject, with the explosive results that entailed. I've also decided that since we didn't see the moment of her death, a resourceful Maya somehow survived, and will go on to live happily ever after with Pepper and Tony. I may be slightly heartbroken at fandom's failure to cater to my needs in this regard.

I love that Pepper ultimately got to be the one to save herself (and Tony and the day), and that Tony was allowed to be emphatically Not Okay, without it being framed as some kind of moral failing he just needed to bootstrap his way through. I also liked how much time he had to spend out of the suit, being vulnerable and scrappy and having to rely on other (non-AI) people in ways that the suit frequently gives him the luxury of avoiding.
Jun. 5th, 2013 03:58 am (UTC)
Oooh, fic! YESPLZ. I am really excited for Thor 2, but that's because I loved Asgard (as shiny gold as it was). I'm definitely hoping to see more Tony and Pepper at least.

I've also decided that since we didn't see the moment of her death, a resourceful Maya somehow survived, and will go on to live happily ever after with Pepper and Tony.
All she does is keel over! For a moment I really honestly thought she was faking it (and c'mon, she might've to try to help him!) Also it's not like here aren't precedents, like Coulson >.>

Yes! I love that Pepper got to fight herself, instead of being on the sidelines and worrying. And she acquitted herself amazingly--how many people tried to take on Killian and kept losing?

Haha, every time he was out of the suit I was thinking he was so unprotected! He doesn't have the supersoldier serum or even the extensive training Clint & Natasha have, but he did pretty well. I also love how the tech he's developing in the beginning is really significant throughout--and the seeming irrelevant conversations (how far is it from Tennessee to Malibu) tie right back in :D
Jun. 7th, 2013 07:40 pm (UTC)
OMG Iron Man 3 was so great!

I loved that Pepper wore the suit and got to help Tony! She was so badass!

I loved the kid too. I kind of stupidly hope he shows up in the next Avengers movies or something.
Jun. 7th, 2013 10:26 pm (UTC)
I loved that Pepper wore the suit and got to help Tony! She was so badass!
I know right? That was possibly one of the best parts of the movie, Pepper getting to put on the suit. She's totally a superhero too.

He was unbelievably cute! I think more snarky young children are needed to keep Tony in line :) I hope he comes back too.
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