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another era

I'm starting to think that Lightroom's "auto tone" is set producing pictures that look like a different era.

So I have these photos, right? They're a bit underexposed (too dark, all the contrast's in shadows). Lightroom, upon hitting the auto-tone button--controlling exposure, contrast, highlights/blacks/whites/shadow clipping--generally reacts as though the photos were taken in the pitchest, blackest night ever and yanks exposure way up.

It reminds me so much of old Polaroid pictures, is what I'm saying.

Here, I'm rubbish at explaining pictures via text. Examples under cut (I tried to make them small! I swear! Someday I will be able to fight with sizes, but Lightroom's export dialogue is obstructive and Photoshop is really overdoing it. But hey they are all the same size, so I can tell you numbers: 3,504px × 2,336px.)

black bird with red primary spot, dark picture with not much shadow
This is the original photo, without modifications.

black bird with red primary spot, adjusted to normal but still dark colours
This is after I did my own adjustments. According to the history panel I upped the exposure and contrast minutely and did the same for dark & light tones.

black bird with red primary spot, bright picture with candy-floss like leaves
This is what auto tone does to the original. Is it me, or does the overexposure feel old-timey? Look at the leaves! The leaf tips! They're so yellow! And generally, just the whole brightness of the background--I feel like my eyes are being opened by the brightness.

That said, I do like the effect. The bird looks extra pensive in this one.

Incidentally if you ever wanted to know about grain, or ISO, you can use the size to zoom in. These pictures were taken at ISO 400, and you can see clearly that they weren't enough to offset the dim light--I probably should have pulled it higher. When you zoom in, or even at this size, you can see there is random noise. The colours don't blend perfectly together.

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