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Dear rarewomen writer!


Thanks for offering to write in these fandoms! :D

In general I am a mad fan of "The continuing adventures of..." I love character interaction, especially characters who we don't get to see interacting in the canon (offstage, skimmed over, etc.) I love history - my particular interest is medieval Europe, though given my education I've absorbed unbelievable amounts about modern Europe (uh, ~1789-present) and North America; I am always thrilled when there are random droplets of history scattered in! (Fastest way into my heart, sometimes, honestly.) Really, worldbuilding in general is my weakness, whether it's a contemporary, historical, or space opera setting. Magic, the fantastic, or sufficiently-advanced-tech-that-could-pass-for-magic are also my weaknesses. Generally, I prefer canon-compliant fic, or straight up fork-in-the-road AU.

Since rarewomen matches on single characters (YES) I've listed the women I've requested and ideas for them. In Kushiel's Legacy in particular it may be impossible/difficult to put some characters together due to generational gaps, and I don't know which characters you offered to write, so I wrote out separate prompts. Please feel free to combine characters in whatever permutations or combinations whose prompts work for you. I always get a bit stuck on prompts, so if an idea isn't working for you, then go for something you want to write!

I'd prefer not to receive extremely pessimistic fic - I like gritty, but I prefer to have light at the end of the tunnel. I don't mind explicit sex, but I also tend to scroll. Horror scares me a lot but it's an atmospheric thing; I don't mind violence. I'm not much of a fan of present tense/second person, but if you feel the story can't be told otherwise, try selling me - I'm willing to bite.

To borrow the phrase from yuletide: optional details are optional. I've thrown a million things at you, and if none of them work, I'm always interested in fic from these fandoms, so go for what works for you!

Specific fandoms and characters
[Kushiel's Legacy]
Kushiel's Legacy
Amarante (Kushiel's Legacy)
Full disclosure: I ship Mavros/Amarante primarily, but also Amarante/Sidonie (because c'mon, look at them! Oh my god.) I'm fascinated by the world building that underlies Terre d'Ange, and how Amarante fits into it. We know she's an acolyte training to become a full-fledged member of the Order of Naamah (and becomes so), but her position with Sidonie is really intriguing, especially since this is the first time it's ever happened (once we get to Phanuel & Rogier, this isn't even worth mentioning, heh). I'd love to see how Sidonie and Amarante interact when they're by themselves, since Amarante is Sidonie's confidante and we only get to see stuff from Imriel's perspective. Or when they first meet? What does Amarante do when she's not accompanying Sidonie?

Roshana Shahrizai
There's just something really delightful about the Shahrizai. Roshana, from what we see in canon, isn't afraid to go after who she wants. And she is Shahrizai, of course, with all that entails - bring on the politicking, the chasing of quarry, the Shahrizai clan! They are an insular, close-knit family, and I wonder what they're like on their own land. What are they giving Morbhan grief about now? :)

Moirin (Kushiel's Legacy)
I entered the series through Moirin's trilogy, and I really love Moirin and all the disparate influences that have made herinto who she is - her loyalty and belongingness to the Maghuin Dhonn, her gifts of magic from the same, the influences of the Companions, all the journeying she's done, Jehanne and Cillian and Raphael and Jagrati and Amrita and Aleksei and Erdene and Snow Tiger, Fainche and Phanuel. (And I'm missing people, too.) I am such an awful sucker for magic and for adventure, and I love the Maghuin Dhonn - do the others live in hermitage? How does Moirin live after her journey's supposedly ended? She is still sworn as Desirée's protector. I ship Bao/Moirin as my endgame pairing, but I'm basically open to all the pairings ever with Moirin. (Well, except probably not Fainche/Moirin and Phanuel/Moirin, but practically everything else goes.)

Jehanne de la Courcel no Cereus
Like Roshana Shahrizai, Jehanne knows what she wants and exactly how to get it. Against Daniel's grief she's like the light (...even their hair colours work) but interestingly, she's afraid under it all - afraid of what might happen if she has a child, like she's expected to have. And despite her reputation for being an awful queen (Terre d'Ange doesn't seem to mind!) she still has to fulfill some political duties. You can just see her laughing and enjoying herself privately the very first time Moirin is presented to her. What's she like with Raphael and Daniel? Or what about another moment with Moirin?

Snow Tiger (Kushiel's Legacy)
Like Jehanne, Snow Tiger's a politically powerful - sort of. Her father is the true authority, but she carries respect from others - for her skills in fighting, for her position. For her status as her father's heir. But when Moirin meets her, she's afraid and ashamed of herself, would have killed herself except that would be the ultimate disgrace. What was her life before the dragon and Black Sleeve's involvement? What's it like with the dragon? Moirin moves on to Tatar lands and Vralia almost immediately after the war, but Snow Tiger doesn't have the luxury of doing that; she's going to be part of the team undoubtedly picking up the pieces after a horrific civil war.

[Star Wars]
Star Wars
Siri Tachi
Tahl (Star Wars)
OK, I've always had a terrific weakness for all the missions that the Jedi go out and do, and Jedi Apprentice was a massive, massive reason for it. The undercover mission that Siri runs is all offstage as far as Secrets of the Jedi is concerned, and only the Council (and Adi Gallia) know about it, she's so undercover. It must have been massively important, but we're not really given that much detail. More stories from the Jedi Temple - I will never get enough of pre-Prequel-Era Jedi Temple - would be fantastic. I also love how Tahl came back and went about life with about as much grace as before, losing patience with Too-Jay. Both Tahl and Siri are seen though Obi-Wan's eyes, and he's not there or with them all the time - I'd love to see a mission Tahl runs with Bant, or Siri and Adi Gallia! I do ship Siri/Obi-Wan, in a youthful, both of them are headstrong and a bit impetuous way.

Also, I love dueling. I thought I'd throw it out there, because amazing swordsmanship is one of my favourite tropes. Like, you don't even know.

[Young Wizards]
Young Wizards
Nita Callahan
MAGIC, that's what. I know I've read nine books of magic with Nita and Kit...but I will gleefully read more. One of the things I love about Duane's work is that magic comes in so many forms - rowan wands with their moonlight, the Speech diagrammed on the ground, pulling from the past like in Ireland, pulling from old ritualized ceremonies, the shining silicon organisms on the Motherboard planet...I would love magical casefic. Or intersection with the various people Nita meets on her journeys: the exchange wizards, the New York gating team, so many others.

Carmela Rodriguez
Honestly, I love her blasé attitude about magic (her quip about the TV manual and the terrific mental anguish she puts Kit through still make me laugh) and her general ability to wander onto a scene and immediately kick ass. What are the chances she goes off while Nita and Kit - since they're our POV characters - don't notice? I mean, she's got all these shopping vouchers for Rihait B, a Stationmaster who's grateful and her friend, and Carmela sounds like someone who'd like to see the planets she's only seen on TV. Even a magically modified TV. Carmela tormenting Kit about whatever the latest thing he's done - or hasn't done - would be fantastic, too.

Machu Picchu | Winged Defender
Immortality! What does it mean to never be mortal, to at once know how everything will play out and still, well, "play the game"? Also, what's it like pretending to be a parrot? For that matter, a parrot that is supposed to be sort of intelligent, given magic spillover, but not too much so? And also Tom and Carl have no idea; I'd love to see a story about Machu Picchu while at the Swale & Romeo residence. Machu Picchu is the Michael power, but that doesn't mean nice; it means good, and the implications are fascinating there - I wonder if, seeing as the Powers That Be already know the future and the past and everything in between, do they feel the ends justify the means? When do they meddle? And really, why a parrot? (Or maybe Tom just inherited a parrot from some relative and the Defender decided to hang out in that body, I don't know!)



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