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I have much angst

My computer is throwing me the blue screen of death.

Thank God I had emailed my yuletide 2012 draft to a beta last night. My beta-reading document will have to be restarted, I suppose. And I have a dropbox backup of my current fic, but...it's in a .scrivx form, and I am strongly suspecting it might be Scrivener's fault.


Last year my file associations got horribly messed up by Scrivener. I wonder (now that I've decided to scapegoat this program, why not go all the way?!) whether it's the reason my laptop will randomly shut down when I'm away - it didn't happen til recently.

...but I have been running Scrivener for about a week or two without a whole lot of fuss...I just don't know. I didn't install anything new. Blergh.

ETA: It's working now, omg. I feel like I can't take credit, since it was Windows Repair; the biggest problem is my main source of help is the internet...and when I can't use my computer it becomes totally inaccessible. BUT IT'S WORKING NOW. I'm so happy.

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Dec. 18th, 2012 09:45 am (UTC)
YIKES, sweaty moments. Horrible PANIC!!!! Mine did that for no reason AT ALL... but I took the battery out and replaced it and it unlocked the blue. I HATE it when it goes all funny. Must be like living on a respirator and someone cuts the electric off!!!! I DIE!!!!!

SO GLAD it's all back on and working. WHEW!!!

What is Scrivener - like Semagic or Wordcounter? I shall avoid I think!
Dec. 19th, 2012 09:49 pm (UTC)
I had a horrible "NOOOO" moment. Fortunately I have access to many library computers, so I could at least get to fix things!

Scrivener is a writing program for writing long things! It's good if you don't write linearly - it lets you cut things up, see the little groups as index cards/bulletin board, lets you store all sorts of things (images, web files, plain text files) in a research folder...basically it lets you get all organized for writing. It's kind of complicated (I gave up trying last year!) but it's much easier to wrangle things in it than in Word, which is the main advantage :P I am not familiar with Semagic/Wordcounter, so I'm not sure!
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