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Thanksgiving thanks

I didn't get to see my family for Thanksgiving but I did get to:

1: Meet a friend I hadn't seen since August, for all that we live twenty minutes apart by walking; our schedules are both really busy and the chances of bumping into each other are slim to none because we don't go to the same places. We caught up and walked around the park where the leaves were changing colour and sat in the sunshine and drank hot things to keep warm, coffee for her, hot chocolate for me. Monday was an autumn day just on the cusp of being chilly - a little cool under the trees, but warm under the sun. Being the holiday, there were less people around than usual, and we just walked around and enjoyed the scenery.

2: This morning I was walking down the street when I saw another friend! I'd thought she'd fallen off the grid because she wasn't answering email or phone. There wasn't really time to chat - we said hi (well, she said hi, I exploded in "oh my god you're here I haven't seen you for ages how are you [friend] and I thought you'd disappeared why don't you answer your email?" [paraphrase]). Then she called me, and we discussed ENGLISH. It's not her primary study, or really her favourite subject, but she is of my cohort and is moreover taking a class on literary tradition so I'd read some of her required texts. And I love my friends here dearly, they are none of them interested in history or language arts at all, zip zilch nada, and it was so satisfying to just talk about a book. Actually it was the Odyssey, which is technically not a book, but still. Actually meeting might be a challenge, given the schedule for the next few weeks, but the phone conversation was so lovely.

3: And then tonight at a group meeting I wasn't really keen on, I found that one of the group members was an air cadet herself (a power pilot) who is best friends with someone from my flight at SLC. Ahhh! SLC was a cobbling of many kids from across the country, so after it dissolved for the fall we all scattered back to where we'd come. We had been discussing financial statements (for the project itself) but finding that out was the highlight of my evening, because [as she put it]: "It's a small world," and just then, it really was.

Today I was tired and didn't want to go through the day and was grouchy all over my computer text files about it (I just open .txt files and start typing), but that's all small petty things. I'm thankful for being able to see my friends, reconnect with ones I thought I'd lost, even just know that they're still out there doing their thing and that story goes on for them, too.

So it was a wonderful Thanksgiving after all. ♥

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Oct. 10th, 2012 08:30 am (UTC)
So glad you had a surprise surprise Thanksgiving. Serendipity is good!!
Oct. 10th, 2012 11:12 pm (UTC)
<3 It was lovely.
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