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another update.

I am here, I am still alive, and I am still typing.

There has been more calligraphy done in the last week then I have done for many a month. And I feel at last that my writing is moving back to a more formal style; I think it is the influence of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (Susannah Clarke), which I am reading at the moment. The way I talk in real life just feels too stark - too bare, too open, too bold, if that makes sense - for it to transfer aright into writing.

I keep thinking I ought to make an entry, except all that is interesting to say is personal, and if you ever ask one of my friends, I think they will say that I am a really private person. When things happen, I vanish into a book and avoid people. I would rather shut down and say nothing - observe - than anything else then, and it isn't uncomfortable, to stop talking. I tend to vanish off the internets as far as me posting goes, not so much commenting/responding to others, when I am overwhelmed with life, when there's something massive going on in real life, or when all of the exciting things are too laden with detail for me to be publishable online. (I am one of those kids who were told to never put information online; it came as a huge shock that people did this on Facebook! oh my goodness.)

But! The choir has released the CD, and I am listening to it - we sound better than I expected we would! And far better than initial impressions. I still think that we are not quite good enough to do studio recordings, though; though they sound quite nice, I can hear all the flaws (I feel like I'm hearing my voice, very very loudly, but I'm sure that's just paranoia - I think?) and we sound better in the live concerts, where the recording equipment is less able to detect every nuance. Alas, Listen to the Lambs's soprano part is no better than I expected :( At least the altos sound good, and that's what's important ;)

The other things is that release 80 is out and there is, ah, fallout.

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