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A Magical Number

18 is not a magical number.

My legal studies teacher joked (with a dead-straight face, too) that the morning that we turned eighteen, a light bulb would go off in our heads and we'd know everything. Judging from how things are set up in Canada and the US, apparently eighteen is the year in which all the worldly knowledge that's missing in children but present in adults is received. In that fateful, life-changing night, I suppose.

fanficrants has been labelled Explicit Adult Concepts with no warning to the mods or the community. It is their prerogative and I'm guessing they did it to cover any possible loopholes so that there isn't litigation.

I hope that they recognize, though, that it's a) not good to alienate your customers and b) that age isn't a surefire way to measure maturity. I know that my writing doesn't reflect my age, and I'm quite sure that one person at age 15 is probably better at dealing than another at 50; being a minor does not mean one is an idiot. If I know that I don't want to read squicky stuff--and it's clearly marked, LJ-cut, and warned for in header and cut--I scroll past.

I've made an account on dreamwidth, partly because of this and partially because of the various stupidities that have been arising recently. Not listening to people? Privacy violations? The various mess-ups on the "Writer's Block" (including one that almost but not quite equated transsexuals to crime?) 

I've made friends and been involved in communities on LJ, though, and I like the formatting and am comfortable with how it all works. But really, LJ, I'm slowly losing my patience. The bulk of my posting will likely still be here, and if necessary I'll cross-post.



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