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dear yuletide writer!

Hi writer!

Apologies for the lateness of this!

Thanks for offering these fandoms. I'm super excited to see what you come up with! I love them all and want so much fic, you don't even know!

More general things:

I like action/adventure stories, casefic, continued adventures of so and so, missing scenes, stories that expand the worldbuilding. I love alternate history and history in general, fantasy and magical systems. Love longfic, will not freak out at big word counts. I'm not a fan of grimdark and depressing stories - not to say that you can't have serious issues, but I don't enjoy stores that conflate constant violence and despair with verisimilitude. I'm also not a fan of lectures. I absolutely love worldbuilding, so in terms of AU I like the kind where the plot takes a different direction, rather than mundane world AUs!

HOWEVER. I read stuff that I don't expect to like and oops, actually I did. So if my prompts don't work for you, and you have that burning story, go for it!

Fandom specific things:

Down the Long Wind - Gillian Bradshaw
Gwalchmai ap Lot

I absolutely love this take on the Arthurian legends and it's probably my definitive one (even though it's much narrower in scope than many others). I love Gwalchmai and first his journey to becoming a warrior, with all the status and expectation and mindset and company it involves. I really enjoyed the supporting characters, especially Gwynhwyfar and Bedwyr; I'm interested in Lugh's hall and Taliesin. Love to see even a lil fix it (even though of course I'd feel weirded out/cheated if the books had skipped the tragedy, all bets are off in fic!)

Seventh Tower - Garth Nix
Tal (Seventh Tower)

I love the magical system of the towers! The Light magic especially fascinates me. Those tests! Ebbitt's evident understanding of the ways magic can be employed, and that Tal's only beginning to discover! The Spiritshadows are super interesting too - and the land they live in. Would love to see more exploration of the worlds. And the ice world and the way they intersect with dreams (how on earth does Milla count her breaths and still sleep?? Clearly something interesting/weird going on there re: dreams).

Shades of Grey - Jasper Fforde
I love the worldbuilding in this. There are only hints as to what happened, the true intentions and nature of authority (except that they're pettily ridiculous and yet ironfisted enough to be really scary). Would love to see way more of what Jane knows, what she's planning. What's life like as a grey? What about the b-variant mildewed she's been hiding? She's tangled with the people in the village before and I, for one, would love to see her clash with say Violet deMauve. Did someone tell her about reboot or going outside at night, how did she start to find out? Where else has she been using the roads, traveling by night? What's her and Eddie's next steps? I can't believe Fforde left us on that note and wish he'd hurry up and write the next one! Also. Oh my god all the colour puns. They are so great and apparently Fforde has an endless supply. The names of the towns are just incredible.

Georgina Kincaid - Richelle Mead
Love these books and the world they present, with the middle management on the hellish side and it taking place . I really enjoy so many of the characters and the breezy prose. I nominated Carter, Roman, and Georgina because they interest me the most. I totally ship Carter/Georgina (agh! but issues!), Carter/Georgina (hey they were roommates for a bit even!). I love the combo of Peter and Cody - they're great together despite being so different. I don't really ship Seth/Georgina.




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