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sketch of cat, first sitting up thinking 'so many things to do' then falling forward onto cat falling onto face with 'plop'

The budget was due last week, and the choir has been planning an overseas trip, so in the past month and more, my email has been wild. (I'm treasurer and on the planning committee.) I check all of my email--three main accounts, which is a little absurd--constantly. The fannish one blows up only occasionally when pinchhits come through, like yuletide season. For the last while though, my official ones have been insane; I'll check every hour or so and there's like eight or nine emails every time. I can only imagine the deluge that the exec sec is being cc'd on. It's like an endless stream of it and the worst is a lot of it is quite time-sensitive so it's not like I can just page through and be all ah, I get it. No, I have to do something about it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I begin to understand why people hate their inbox and avoid them. And then I signed myself up to give presentations to about three hundred kids later this week, so that'll be fun and interesting! I hope.

In other news I finished Iron Man: Extremis (the novelization) and it was really bad. More on the badness in some upcoming post, but like, the main thing I took away from the novel was that wow, what a waste of Maya. She's genius, what she's done with Extremis is just out of the world, she says herself that given funding and a few years she can cure cancer. You choose to squander that kind of brilliance by exiling her somewhere with no infrastructure and forbidding her from using the Internet in addition to everything biomedical? Ugh, what a waste. Maya's case is like Stark's--she regrets killing people and I'm sure she'd have a similar redemption arc. If nothing I wish they'd keep her working on stuff, just keep a close watch to make sure she's not loosing Extremis-esque terrors on the world for funding. Actually that was kind of my thought after IM3, too, bring back Maya.

I also finished the Pre-Raphaelite Language of Flowers, which was a nice little book. I've been reading a lot of art nonfiction books and I've come to really appreciate well-printed and photographed paintings. In some books the people look positively jaundiced, which is, okay, a little unfair because the paintings themselves are often quite old and many of them have actually lost paint and the green is showing, but it's creepy.

Things I'd never realized before: the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood really liked painting red-haired women, if these paintings are in any way representative. Beautiful red-haired women. Some paintings have objects/backgrounds that don't even have any meaning or function except to accompany beauty. This is slightly disappointing, because I really love the stories that symbols and backgrounds often encode (sometimes hilariously compressed, like medieval painting). The beauty standards are almost shockingly modern to me too.

As for the actual language of flowers, it was interesting but I don't think I'll be able to remember them! Rose for...er, love. Forget-me-not is self-evident. Lilies for Mary and purity etc. Erm. I have to reference the book.



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