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This has really not been a good day.

First, the street was barricaded by a giant parade that was not crossable anywhere for about five or six city blocks east-west, and extended south on both sides (they were making for a |-|_ shape). And I had a meeting, on the other side of the parade. WALKING IS A SIMPLE THING, it's not like public transit and its inconsistencies. It became manifestly unsimple.

I finally got to the library and tried to scan a few pages, but had to do it FOUR TIMES. Each time I would apparently successfully save it to the USB, walk downstairs, only to find that it was a "corrupted file" when I tried to open it on my computer. (I was eventually successful.)

Then I got home and went to library two to get something else scanned (periodicals do not circulate). I tried multiple times at two separate scanners. Nope. Don't recognize the USB key at all. But...the green light lit up! That means you see my USB! It works just fine on my computer! This was my second visit to that particular library today.

AND then I got home, opened up my Nanowrimo project...and the program shut down on me. And I opened it up and nearly panicked because my novel was NOWHERE AND IT SAID ZERO WORDS and I opened a different project and that was there and then I opened up my Nanowrimo project helpfully named "NANOWRIMO2012" and oh god, it was there. That was awful. (I backed up.)

And then I finished up some edits and additions to a project - a group project - which was very fiddly because we are hard up against the page limit and so I had to do a lot of cutting and pruning and then word did something and NOW I HAVE A "COPY" OF MY OLD, ORIGINAL FILE. It says, "original title - copy". WHY?! I didn't do anything! I saved the stupid thing! I don't understand! I mean, my stupidity is my stupidity, but I didn't do anything! :(

It just has not been a very good day.

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Nov. 19th, 2012 03:55 am (UTC)
add oillllll ♥

Have some S.H.E.. I don't even know if you like or even know S.H.E., but have some of them anyways, because they're gorgeous and make me smile, so they maybe make you smile too,.
Nov. 19th, 2012 04:09 am (UTC)
I know their "Superstar!" Or maybe that is "Super Star". *waits for video to load*

I feel much better; the project has been sent off and will be handed off tomorrow.
Nov. 19th, 2012 04:11 am (UTC)
Super Star, I think. Who knows! But they're SUPER! And STARS! YAY!

It's a press-conference live performance of a song from their latest album. It's really inspiring because it's after their 2-ish year hiatus after Selina was caught in an accident and had to get skingrafts over about 50% of her body because she had severe burns. (She's the one in the middle. There's a reason she's wearing pantyhose and a sheer jacket-thing and sheer gloves)
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